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       Born and raised in Pescara (Italy), Francesco grew up fascinated by movies that are able to carry the audience at the heart of a compelling story through astonishing images. The work of the greatest visual effects supervisors, directors, cinematographers and designers has always found him wanting to know more about that filmic trickery, and to ultimately being able to grasp the necessary knowledge to become an expert in crafting that same magic.

Finding outlets from an early age through hobbies such as playing video-games, digital photography, home entertainment and building workstations for himself and his friends, Francesco has been most intrigued by the power of the computer as the perfect merger to all those elements, namely a tool for visual storytelling.

Before long, Francesco's attraction to digital merged with his strong passion for cinema, and led to his enrollment at The Academy of Image Arts (Accademia Dell'Immagine) in L'Aquila - Italy. Studying under many talented entertainment professionals, including Academy Awards recipients, Francesco earned a Bachelor of Arts in Audiovisuals & Mass Communication Media, and then relocated to New York to master the art of 3D & Visual Effects at The New York Film Academy.​

He has been living in sunny Los Angeles and working in entertainment for over a decade since, where he has been given many incredible professional opportunities for which he is exceptionally grateful for.

The bulk of Francesco's VFX career has been as a Compositing Supervisor and Senior Compositor for feature films, episodic, music and integrated advertising projects. While he tends to particularly enjoy integrating computer-generated imagery passes and compositing green/blue screens, Francesco always strives for photorealism and seamless final integration, adding a touch of emotive meaning to every pixel he works on.


To date, Francesco has been entrusted with literally every sort of VFX task, such as complicated speed ramps and challenging paint-outs, rebuilding shots from camera projections, blending multiple takes, aging / de-aging an actor, or just simply massive shots or sequences that push the limits of the time and resources available. He has also enjoyed many look development opportunities, working closely with directors and supervisors to research and visualize important story looks. He has a very strong understanding of digital compositing workflows, visual effects pipelines, color management frameworks and camera optical features.

Francesco is a proud dual citizen of Italy and the United States of America and an active member of:

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS)

The Visual Effects Society (VES)

Associazione Effetti Visivi of Italy (AVFX)

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